The first step with any business is too determine what keywords you want to be ranking for. Once we have established these keywords, we will build a list of keywords revolving around the main root keywords. Usually within any local business, there is always around 200 keyword phrases that are good phrases that people will use to find your services. WE TARGET ALL OF THEM. Based on competition analysis we will find a number that we will confidently guarantee to rank you for on the first page.

We will receive 50% of the SEO Services money upfront.

We then have to get the number of keywords that we said we would onto the first page of the search engines. If we fail, you do not pay the other 50% of the service fee. We are so confident of our work, that we will risk the profit portion of our job, if we fail to meet the expectations of the project.

Our no BS approach to SEO Services matched with our guarantee leave us over exceeding our customer’s expectations EVERYTIME.